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A Captivating Blend of Genre Bending Intrigue. Mystical Indie Rock with Sensuous Chill Wave Overtones and Shadowy Electronic Edges.


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She is an enigma... and it serves her well. Indeed, nothing is simple in Jennifer Hope’s world. Her point of view may be intricate, but it’s also understandable and, in a way, comforting. When she explores the dark recesses of life she not only challenges preconceived notions, she also exposes the discord within and the truths hidden behind them.

Shrouded in gritty alternative rock, laced with seductive synths and ethereal edges, Jennifer invites listeners into her world, a place of contrasts and a mystical ambiance. Her songs posses both soft, silky petals and sharp, distressed thorns. In fact, it’s life’s contradictions that propel and motivate her.

With tunes like “Maze of Lies,” Jennifer calls it as she sees it with strong, cutting lyrics: “I don’t want to know what’s in your mind / and I don’t need to see what I might find / in your maze of lies.” But, this artist is not just another angry feminista. The music scene has plenty of them already. Instead, Jennifer deals with human nature and all of its eccentricities.

At times her comments may seem scathing, but they’re also honest and strikingly sound. Occasionally, she’ll offer a hint of hope and crave a taste of happiness, such as in “Rapture,” a song that speaks about a longing many have endured: “every night desire waits for you here / will you return to me / rapture.” That hope, cloaked in an intimate darkness, is the essence of Jennifer’s music: dark yet light, soft but hard, restless and tranquil.

In 2013, Jennifer Hope completed and released her ten track CD, "Velvet Fire”. Earlier this year, she recorded and released her latest EP, "X-Tremities”. Both projects were sponsored by Eddie Van Halen and produced by Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Johnette Napolitano, James Blunt). Unique and independent, yet commercially accessible, “Velvet Fire” and "X-Tremities" are the cumulative evolution of Jennifer Hope's past album and compilation releases on Cleopatra Records, Middle Pillar, Wreckage Productions, Big Eye Music and Tributized as well as her own label, Mystic Dreams Music.


Jennifer Hope’s new EP, Love Blooms To Black, is out now on Cleopatra Records! Listen to song clips and download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all major online music outlets/stores!

Preview the songs on Love Blooms To Black on YouTube!

A Review of Love Blooms To Black
Jennifer Hope will capture you with her incomparable interpretations of well-known songs. Like all great song interpreters, this enchanting chanteuse doesn’t just cover a song, she embodies it and makes it her own. In fact, her unique inflections add a mystical sheen that often makes her version better than the original. On her latest record, Love Blooms to Black, she worked closely with several renowned producers: Warren Huart (who worked with Aerosmith and produced The Fray, James Blunt), Pete Strobl (worked with Kings of Leon, Keb’ Mo’) and Tommy Reeves (worked with Ziggy Marley, Melissa Etheridge, Sophie B. Hawkins). The final production attracted Cleopatra Records, who licensed the EP for release on April 21st via all major online outlets. And, it’s easy to understand why the label acted as it did. Jennifer’s preternatural ability personifies a song’s essence, making it seem as if you’re hearing it for the first time. Indeed, her interpretations are not only surprising they’re also memorable. Her latest work of art includes hit songs from Leona Lewis, Coldplay, The Police, U2, and Godsmack; and reflects her artistic and spiritual development best. With Love Blooms to Black, it’s obvious that Jennifer Hope has come into her own. Bernard Baur – Music Connection Magazine

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In addition to downloads, physical CD’s for Velvet Fire are now available for purchase at cdbaby!

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